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  1. Correction, that is NOT working. UPDATE...

    Correction, that is NOT working.

    UPDATE mscanproducts SET manufacturers_id = 37 where products_id = (select products_id from mscanproducts_to_categories where categories_id = 5);

    the error i'm...
  2. MySQL update query involving two tables is not working, ...really stumped!

    i'm really stumped why this SQL statement is not working. I guess my MySQL has gotten rusty.

    UPDATE mscanproducts SET mscanproducts.manufacturers_id = 37 where
    mscanproducts.products_id =...
  3. Is there a comprehensive how-to guide in offering and charging for streaming vide

    I just landed a project where the client wants to set up customer membership plans, allowing them to access streaming. download too would be an option. not even sure where to start. i'm quite...
  4. Trying to improve Vertical Accordion style menu

    Hey Everyone,
    i'm looking to create the utilmate accordian style vertical menu. here's what i have so far. it uses jQuery hover function.

  5. how do you force a browser not to not show a page cache, and load new content complet

    whenever i'm working on a new page update for clients, i'm always telling them to hit reload again, or force refresh (F5?) to see the changes. but there must be a way to force a browser to not...
  6. What is the best tool to edit and see live CSS updates?

    what is currently the best tool to use, to modify CSS and see it update 'live' and then be able to save from there? i used to use a plugin in Firefox to do this, but the CSS would have to be in the...
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    Live Chat options, recommendations?

    My client wants Live-Chat functionality installed on his website.
    Wondering if anyone here can make a recommendation?
    or offer advice etc.
  8. belated, thanks for answering my post!

    belated, thanks for answering my post!
  9. query a single column and trying to put results into an array, using mysqli

    Hey Everyone, what am i doing wrong??, uggg

    what i'm trying to do is fairly simple but is not working. (am using mysqli)
    i'm selecting all fields from a single column called city code and then...
  10. mobile version of website, 25% of width being cut off in browser window

    Im doing some long-winded, comprehensive tutorials on creating mobile versions of websites, but in the meantime… i have a question!!,

    i have a site that is 960 pixels wide. when viewing it on my...
  11. belated thanks, for answering my post

    belated thanks, for answering my post
  12. what is the purpose of html { .... in a stylesheet

    am studying some code from a pretty good website and came across this tag...

    html {
    overflow-y: scroll;

    this site uses some parallax animation and maybe has something to do with that....
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    Firefox not loading my CSS file, uggg!

    i'm clueless on how to get Firefox to load the css file. and clueless on why it is not loading it?
    does anyone know how to fix?


    i used...
  14. belated thanks - yeah i need to monitor that...

    belated thanks -
    yeah i need to monitor that property. here's my little utility app in case anyone finds it useful for any reason

    body {height:3200px}
    #readout {...
  15. Page Height browser property??, how to monitor where the user is...?.

    i'm wondering what browser property i can use to monitor where the user is in terms of page height?

    let's say the page is 1356 pixels in height. the user is going to have to scroll up and down to...
  16. thanks NogDog. i will research and try to find...

    thanks NogDog. i will research and try to find out. i think there is a user forum for Aptana. i'll post back here in case may help someone.

    i will check out Komodo if Aptana doesn't do that.
  17. General questions about troubleshooting, looking up constants, tracking vars

    i am currently on a job using a large open source shopping cart framework.
    there has been lots of customization done, plugins added etc. so of course there are errors and what not.

    one plugin...
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    okay, good answer!, thanks

    okay, good answer!, thanks
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    Dynamically generated style sheet url..?

    i'm having to study a particular website and notice this link tag-

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/CACHE/css/794d89e53456.css" type="text/css">

    it looks like it's being generated...
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    okay, thanks Calman

    okay, thanks Calman
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    Classes Versus ID's? ...for footer div

    when creating a footer div that appears on every page, what is the best practice, ot make it a class or give it an ID?,

    or does it matter?

    it seems i've read that it is more taxing on the...
  22. bizarre problem, in Firefox a page loses it's https://

    i'm working on a site using a commercial shopping cart service, and having a bizarrre problem wherein on navigating to a product page, Firefox will lost the https:// in the URL.

    i have never...
  23. what's a better way to write this, inserting 250 id...?

    i have to populate a table with 250 product ids, which are simply integers,

    i just did this query which works....

    "insert into products_addl_data (products_id) values (6), (7), (8), (9), (10)";...
  24. belated thanks,

    belated thanks,
  25. data type recommendation for height, width and length

    Hey Everyone,
    i have to modify a shopping cart's product table to include height, width and length and wondering what datatype i should use?,

    can someone please make a recommendation?

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