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  1. jQuery should i use a SWITCH or IF-ELSE IF-ELSE statement? or neither?

    I have 2 select-lists (#list1 and #list2) each of which trigger show/hide events on divs associated with them.
    I am using 2 different switch statements, one for each list +...
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    i too would like to have a select-list's options...

    i too would like to have a select-list's options show divs hidden on load, just as we're talking about here. trouble is, my option values are numeric not alphas. therefore the corresponding div...
  3. show/hide JS + onchange + non-unique option-values

    I've familiar with getting specific DIV's to show/hide based upon selection of similarly named option-values in >1 select-lists.

    However, whats challenging me now is that i have requirements...
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