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    Yes, there are relevant photos in the DB and you...

    Yes, there are relevant photos in the DB and you should see one blue circle over nothern Europe on the map saying "2" and one blue circle over the caribbean saying "6". Click on those to zoom in to...
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    Thank you for the input, very much appriciated! ...

    Thank you for the input, very much appriciated!

    I updated the script and I'm halfway to succeed with the funcktionlity but there is something that not is working as it should...

    When opening...
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    Value of checkbox in $_POST Url

    Dear all,

    I need help...

    I'm developing a site where the user can zoom in on a google map to find out more about a certain location and experiences that other users have uploaded....
  4. problem with assigning value to hidden field


    I'm a newbie...just to be frank with that...

    I have function showAddress() and I would like to assign two values from that function into a hidden form field in the same page.

    I'm using ...
  5. javascript variable in hidden formfield...how?

    Dear all,

    I truly appreciate any help. I'm still new to Javascript and need some guidance in the darkness...:-)

    My challenge is that I need to pass the lng/lat into a PHP-script that
  6. Passing javascript var to PHP (google maps)

    Dear all,

    I need help...:)

    I'm creating a small app where the user can upload a photo and also mark the location of the photo on a google map. I would then like the longitude and latitude to be...
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