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    Autocomplete text box design

    Hi everyone

    I need a simple help to design my autocomplete div from a input text file, i have this code but the width and height are not working.

    I want to create a css file and write some css...
  2. yeh it works, thanks :)

    yeh it works, thanks :)
  3. Iframe load file on src only when form is submit

    Well the title says the problem.

    I have a form and an iframe, like this:

    <form action="image.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="target">
    <input id="file" type="file"...
  4. Problem resolved, it was replace URL by $URL :D...

    Problem resolved, it was replace URL by $URL :D

    Thanks anyway
  5. Upload image using jquery and iframe "Method"

    Hi everyone, i need some help with the theory to complete my upload system.

    Well i have two files, the first with html code and some php code and the last with all php code to upload the image, it...
  6. Delete image from folder inside of the server

    hi everyone.

    i searched about how i can remove a image in a folder inside of my server, i saw that i can use unlink() but it is not working i have the right directory and all the permissions and...
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    Need to fix final image upload problem

    Hi everyone i need to fix a problem with this upload image code, it is always saying: There was an error during file upload!....because the result inside of the upload.php is always different of 1....
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    Image Upload using jquery and ajax

    Hi everyone, i create a simple php script to upload images it is working nice, but now i need to do it using jquery and ajax, because as i am using only php, when i send an image it redirect the page...
  9. Problem resolved Thanks :)

    Problem resolved Thanks :)
  10. Get variable inside of a external function

    Hi everyone, i am closing my recent problems with some code, this should be the last doubt, thanks for all the helpers in recent doubts that i created.

    well, the code is here:


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    PHP get javascript array values

    hi everyone.

    I have this code:

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $("#Botton1").click(function() {

    $("#Div2").load("folder1/file1.php", { 'Value[]': ["52"] } );
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    PHP5 OOP and ajax - database connection

    Hi everyone

    I am trying to use my function that is the database connection on an ajax page.

    See the next code and if can help me will be great :)

    Thanks community

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