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    rewrite parameter -f gets ignored

    Can you help me find out what's wrong with this?

    I'm not an Apache programmer, one of the few things I thought I do know is that -f means "is not a file", which triggers when "not found", but now...
  2. Update

    Stupidly I didn't check HOW the links appear, just where the links pointed to.

    It seems the links open the pages I want with JavaScript, which Sphider can't process.

    At least I know how the...
  3. Can you guess the search query string?

    There's an OLD forum online that doesn't include a search feature, just an archive of all threads and I'd really like to index the pages, but Sphider didn't work (pages seem blocked for robots and I...
  4. What?

    ejem… amen?


    Did you read my description or just the title?
    Is that an answer? or your signature in an empty post?
  5. Making Sphider ignore disallowed pages?

    I meant: Ignore the disallow instruction, going ahead and retrieve the page.

    I tried sphider, sphider-plus and some mods to make it "ignore robots", but it seems not enough.
    I'm trying to index a...
  6. Ok, I've tried the script: The problem is… I...

    Ok, I've tried the script:
    The problem is… I can't get it to browse as a browser's agent and it keeps connecting as a "robot", and relying on the robots.txt file, failing to index the pages marked...
  7. Thanks! It's exactly what I was looking for :)

    Thanks! It's exactly what I was looking for :)
  8. Do you know any existing indexing script?

    I'd like to make an online index of existing web pages.
    The website to index is not mine, but it doesn't have a search tool nor have it anytime soon.

    I can download them all to my local...
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    Spot the difference - Link vs button

    What's the attribute (probably browser default) that makes the background-image to overflow with the text or stay with the box?

    Time ago I wrote about a technique for creating a css transparent...
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    Yes, Thanks.

    There were more places where the propr param wasn't passed. I only looked at main functions, but not into the timer and the functions called inside the main functions.
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    Help setting a style property

    I had a working smoothtoogle function that was originally created to slide down or up an element, and I changed successfully to change the width.

    I wanted to change it to work with any property,...
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    Do you know this effect?

    I've seen it somewhere, but it's not in script-a-culous…
    http://www.fkq.com/ It's the sliding tabbed-divs effect (here is flash)

    It was as easy as creating the different content divs and name...
  13. Solved

    I've got it last night. Here are the details.

    Thanks for your response.
  14. How do you create links from named anchors?

    Hi guys

    I'm an old designer but not better at JavaScript than copy/paste and I haven't found enough examples to make this happen.

    I need a JavaScript to get all the named anchors in the page...
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