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  1. The code is wrong

    I tought of storing the values in array and adding it.but it is wrong.
    plz send me the code
  2. Ok

    This code i tried to add the multiple values of text box.but there is a mistake in it

    <script language="javascript">
    function getValues(){
    var i;
  3. hi

    In UI i am having a button add, when i click it new row will be added.In each row i will enter amount of invoice.The total should be displayed in textbox.
  4. hi

    the code u sent is working but the thing is
    i will send one code check it and can u give the code for dynamic addition

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"...
  5. Thank you

    Hey thank u for your hlp.
    Its working.
  6. hi

    I want addition of numbers
    if i enter 1 2 3 in total box 6.
    if i change 2 to 3 then total should be 7
  7. Thank u

    Thank u
    But the thing is when i enter number in text box automatically it should show in total textbox.if i decrease the value total should be decreased.
  8. dynamic addition of numeric values of textboxes in another textbox javascript

    Hello everyone

    I want to dynamically add the numeric values of different textboxes in single text box.please give me javascript code if any.

    thank u in advance:)
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