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  1. Any simple tutorials on how make basic modern websites (html5/css3)?

    Hi guys!

    Are there any good tutorials on how to make a basic modern website in html5/css3?

    There are many tutorials on how to make a simple html/css website, but these days even basic "about...
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    how to grab all images on a webpage?

    Every image grabber/downloader I've tried will only downloads the thumbnail images but not the full size images that the thumbnails link to. I thought this would be easy but I just can't do it.
  3. Indeed I will seek to learn both PHP and...

    Indeed I will seek to learn both PHP and Javascript. But in order to create a plugin of the kind I want, are there advanced programming concepts involved that might be too daunting for a beginner?...
  4. Where do I start if I want to parse JSON data from services like Facebook?


    There is a wordpress plugin called Facebook Walleria, but it is poorly maintained and a little buggy. It embeds every object from a facebook feed, including likes and comments, while making...
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    Flipbook programs!!!

    Hey, I've been trying to turn my myspace into a more serious blog considering the traffic on that site, and instead of just having sheets with writing on them, I decided to have a an open flipbook...
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