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    Help-Cross Domain Cookies

    Please help me how to create cookies for multiple domain

    I have to website in have addonn domain

    I want to long in site a.com and site b.com
    all 2 website has same username and...
  2. Similar https://facebook.com/ajax/sharer/submit

    hello ,
    I would like to know what is the similar graph for
    https://facebook.com/ajax/sharer/submit when share article

    for feed is https://graph.facebook.com/'+mgroup_id+'/feed

    but what is...
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    How to Get Ping Result from RPC URL

    Hello Dear Webmaster,
    Request help to get Response when using Ping to URL

    here the CURL Code

    $c = curl_init();
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    How to use Javascript click()

    Hello all,
    Request help with my scripts

    I want to click button Comment with javascripts , any suggestion do to that

    I am trying to use this scripts but not working. any help please...
  5. Solved ....

    Thank you so much.
    I have been this answer all this days

    now I can grab the name, first I am confused about number [0]or [1] got error

    but now it fixed
  6. not success shown Array I am try to use ...

    not success

    shown Array

    I am try to use

    foreach ($me->user->blogs as $name) {
    echo $name->0->name."</ br>\n";
  7. How to Get Value from stdClass Object

    How to get value from class

    stdClass Object
    [user] => stdClass Object
    [name] => website
    [likes] => 0
    [following] => 1
  8. Please Visit my installed app here...

    Please Visit my installed app here http://peluangusahakecil.tk/wpcom-connect-examples-master/php

    this is not required mysql
    Autorization have been granted for user.
    but only methof GET...
  9. Please Help with WordPress API {"error":"unauthorized","message":"That API call is no

    Dear Webmaster member,
    Any body success to create wordpress API?

    I have already installed that scripts exactly as the sample on my webhosting
    I am refer to...
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