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  1. JS menu - works in Firefox 3 but not in IE7

    Hi there - I hope someone can help me - I have the following page with a JS menu in it from dynamicdrive.com:


    The menu in the link above works perfectly in...
  2. Resolved!

    Sorted that out - changed the following line:

    var menuids=["verticalmenu_jk", "verticalmenu_jkms", "verticalmenu_jkmspro"] //Enter id(s) of UL menus, separated by commas

    and made sure the...
  3. I'm only referring in the code once to each id -...

    I'm only referring in the code once to each id - for example:

    id="verticalmenu_jkms" is only referenced once in the HTML!? I can reference class="glossymenu" more than once I believe....

  4. Multiple Javascript menus in a html page - only 1 menu works?!

    I'm hoping someone will say - "thats an easy one!" - I think the solution is quite simple - its just I cant see it! :mad:

    Basically, I want to have 3 javascript menus in a page - but I can only...
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