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  1. index.html is my landing page

    My landing page is index.html. It contains an iframe. That iframe is set to src=home.html. To change page, you use the toolbar right above the iframe. Above the toolbar, there is a header div that...
  2. Another problem

    The link works, however....
    When I try to get to a page using the toolbar (that opens pages inside the iframe with target=iframe), the page opens the parent page index.html that contains the toolbar...
  3. Correct

    You are right. It works as it should. Stupid me, I used the script in the index.html in the other pages instead of the one in home.html

    Problem solved. Thanks a million!
  4. It works...but a couple things

    Fang, thanks a lot, it works.

    I hardly have any experience with Javascript.

    Here is how I am able to point directly to a page inside the iframe:

    I either use:...
  5. Direct links that open pages within an iframe

    I have developed an intranet local site that consists of a home page: index.html which contains an iframe.

    Above the iframe, I have a navigation bar that opens pages with target:iframe inside the...
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