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    one quick update...

    To really get this to work flawlessly DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use your image index variable directly for your loop, because when you do, it appears to reset, or alter the src that the index points...
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    Thank you so much- you are awesome and funny.
    You are my yoda ;)
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    [RESOLVED] updating variable value...?

    Okay so I have a slideshow that also has links to allow the user to pick which slide they want to go to. That works okay for the most part, but once the user has selected a slide the slideshow...
  4. not sure that I follow

    The w3c article appears to be talking about ids and names (id="",name=""). I don't have any strictly numeric ids (id='l1' etc is found). The only numeric identifiers that would be used would be for...
  5. Thank you thank you!!!!

    I forgot about that! Now to get the scrolling working :-) I'm going to try to execute a loop on the array...
  6. [RESOLVED] my images keep dissapearing?? please help

    Okay so I've been working on simple button click selector/slideshow such as what you see on nbc.com for a school project. It HAS to be in plain jane javascript. I got the button selection thing...
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