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    Thread Continued...

    My Notes.php5


    class Notes {

    //Declaring variables
    private $connection;
    private $id;
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    Thread Continued...

    My NotesActions.php5


    class NotesActions extends ActionController {

    private function getEntries() {

    //Sets MySQLi connection object and selects database
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    I created an MVC, am I doing it right?

    I created an MVC class, and recently coded a new notes/blog module for my site. Everything is working well, but I wanted to get some expert opinions on how I coded everything, in particular, my...
  4. Problems using method to re-set variable values for pagination

    I have a class posted below that I use to output notes/blog entries. I am trying to add pagination to the output, and so in my class I need the following variables (1) page number, (2) number of...
  5. How would you do this class differently.. I just don't like my organization...

    How would you organize/code this class differently. I just don't feel like my organization is very good.

    Thanks in advance!

    $mysqli = new...
  6. Help with default variables in my simple View class...

    Currently I have a simple Model-View-Controller, in which I have a simple View class. The View class has a render method that receives an array from a helper class, and this array ($this->viewData)...
  7. Setting up a default array(?) in settings file with default variable values...

    Currently, I have a Registry class where I store default and/or general variables that are used in several classes (for example, a variable containing the root path address). I have included the...
  8. Thank you so much for your help! Also, I...

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Also, I wanted to as a follow up question, which is, how can I implement a registry class within the code I presently have to store "global" type functions like...
  9. Need help fixing redundant variable in three MVC classes...

    I am having a hard time fixing a redundancy of the setPageDir() function, which is found in two of my three of my MVC classes (ActionController and FrontController). How can I best/most appropriately...
  10. Constructive criticism concerning personal website...

    I am looking for some constructive criticism concerning my personal website found here. What do you like? What don't you like? What should I add? etc...

    Thank you all in advance!
  11. http://www.postlet.com/

  12. [RESOLVED] Looking for php upload script for multiple image files with java front end...

    I am looking for a customizable script I can add to my existing gallery that will allow a user to upload many image files and show the progress of the uploads. I want something with a nice and...
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    Feedback on wedding website..

    I wanted to get feedback on a website I made for my wedding (see here).

    How is the appearance, usability/user experience, code, etc?

    Thank you all in advance!

  14. Follow-up then..

    Follow-up then..

    I would like to have everything in an external js file. However, I need to pass a php variable to the javascript I am using (I am working on implementing someone else's slideshow...
  15. At this point in time then, doesn't that defeat...

    At this point in time then, doesn't that defeat the purpose? What do you use? Do you recommend CDATA or <!-- -->?
  16. Using instead of , now my code isn't working..

    I put a block of code in script tags in the header of my webpage with <![CDATA[ ]]> instead of <!-- --> and not it no longer works. However, I thought CDATA was the more correct way to include the...
  17. Passing a PHP variable to an External js file..

    I can easily pass a php variable to a block of javascript in a webapge header because the server parses that script for any php code within it (i.e. <?php echo...
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    Personal website review..

    I recently finished coding my personal website, and wanted to get some feedback concerning its code, layout, usability, etc., and if there are any other features people think I should add. My site...
  19. Show a script block in a weboage header be in HTML comment tags ?

    I was recently reading an article, Javascript Best Practices, and when I read the "Don't Use HTML Comments In Script Blocks" section, I thought I would give it a try. However, as soon as I removed...
  20. Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
  21. [RESOLVED] Making a link bold if condition met..

    I have an if clause in a script, and, if its condition is met, I want to make a link bold as a result.

    if (some_condition) {
    What goes here to make the following link bold (i.e....
  22. That is great feedback, and I will try to add the...

    That is great feedback, and I will try to add the pause behavior that you have suggested!

    As far as the slideshow automatically starting, I provided you a direct link a slideshow example, but when...
  23. Javascript slideshow implementation: good user experience?

    I just implemented someone else's javascript slideshow, and I wanted to get the communities opinion on how I did the layout/its usability.

    example here

    Is it convenient? Can I improve...
  24. Thank you both!

    Thank you both!
  25. [RESOLVED] Why does IE read "Error on Page" w/ my javascript slideshow, everything works, FF ok?

    I have implemented someone else's javascript slideshow, and it seems to be working fine (see here). However, IE has the following message in the status bar: "Error on Page." I am relatively new to...
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