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  1. Thanks!

    Thanks. I know that you proably think I'm a dumbnut or something... =P
  2. Question

    But now the lines:

    for (qw/home contact download/){
    print a({-href=>'page.pl?page=' . $_},$_),br;

    print end_html;
  3. Replies


    Personally, I love GoDaddy's $8 a year registrations. How much support are you going to need with a domain, yes, they have sucky hosting but use someone else like DreamHost.

    I tried their CS (live...
  4. How Do I Create Seperate Pages?

    Hm. That works wonderful...
    But, I still have a question: How do I create the seperate pages? (page.pl?page=download)
  5. A Simple CGI/Perl Question... VERY SIMPLE!

    I want to create a page using Perl... So that I can excess it with something like ?page=home or something...

    So far, this is all I got: #!/usr/bin/perl

    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
  6. A Better Way...

    I was in the same situation as you, but as a newbie to the internet and programming I didn't know about forums and such for help... :(

    Anywho, MSA's FormMail is a good and basic script to use that...
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    I have a few Perl Questions...

    Okay, I start off, I own a free hosting service and I'm already tired of how it looks. I'm afraid that once we get big enough (by we, I mean 'I' :-) I'll become overloaded and not be able to check...
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