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  1. scwShow function to automatic change of EndDate when StartDate is picked

    I am trying to create a JS function to automatically change of EndDate to StartDate after I pick a date from StartDate. For example, when I pick 2/5/2015 on StartDate, it is helpful if the...
  2. How to check for a specific text on any web page


    I am a newbie in PHP. I like to have one question about how to check for specific text on any web page.

    I have a dating site. I deleted some members but they are still indexed on Google...
  3. Error when I tried to replaced space with hyphen


    I tried to create a mod rewrite to list all cities in more friendly urls. Everything worked fine, except the space between two-word city show "%20". When I used Replace on php code to show...
  4. *how to choose a good hosting plan for my website*

    *how to choose a good hosting plan for my website*
    Hello, I 've been running a small website with about 50000 hits a month. I am using PHP and mySQL. I want to switch to a hosting plan that supports...
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