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  1. *bump anyone

    *bump anyone
  2. Boxy Dialogs Acting Weird (Help Javascript Gurus)

    My site uses boxy dialogs and they appear fine except after they make the Ajax call. (the site is at "better window supply dot com")

    After the POST Ajax call is made, I cannot seem to pull up any...
  3. Replies

    Please review our automotive portal


    We offer free automotive classifieds and just need ways and suggestions on how to improve and also possibly get more traffic.

    SEO advice will also be appreciated.

  4. I completely understand and thanks so much for...

    I completely understand and thanks so much for the response.

    Now, how can I make sure that the alert("out:"+document.getElementById('portfolioCount').value);
    statement gets assigned the value...
  5. Why is my function acting weird ? plz help !

    The function below has 2 alert boxes. When I run it, sometimes the outer alert box comes empty. Please explain in a human manner why .

    function ItemCount()//returns the number of items in...
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