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    Images for commercial web sites

    Hello together,

    I just want to ask if somybody knows where I can download free images for the web apps I develop (professional, for commercial use).

    If not maybe somebody knows huge online...
  2. Hi, many thanx for your help. This was the...


    many thanx for your help. This was the code I needed:

    var c = document.createElement("canvas");
    c.height= h;
    c.width= w;
    ctx.drawImage(v, 0, 0, w, h);

    It works fine! Thank you...
  3. Mobile Phones: Using JavaScript to make snapshots via phone camera

    Hi together, :)

    Some months ago I developed a special php web application for mobile phones.
    Our customers use Samsung Galaxy xcover with Android and Opera Mobile for browsing the application.
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