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  1. Disabling a part of javascript for mobile

    Hi, I am currently using this for my website:https://github.com/wayou/SlipHover however on a touch devices I have to tap three times to progress through to the link. The information on the rollover...
  2. That worked, thank you!

    That worked, thank you!
  3. htaccess file protecting but no pass prompt

    Hi I have the following in a .htaccess file:

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "restricted area"
    AuthUserFile /web/clients/.htpasswd
    require valid-user

    this works in making the directory private,...
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    Any ideas?

    Any ideas?
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    Random Image Slideshow

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum as I am unsure as to whether this should be PHP or Java, or a WP plugin. Basically I need to have a slideshow that picks images from a folder without the need...
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    Thanks rtretheway, I tried the first method which...

    Thanks rtretheway, I tried the first method which does work for me, however like I said it doesnt match with the amount of thumbs generated all the time. I would be willing to give the PHP option a...
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    colour tinting thumbnails

    Hi, i'm not sure this is posted in the correct place so feel free to move it if you think otherwise! I have a fully working WP managed website and I am using a Nextgen plugin for the gallery, I am...
  8. Image loading message for slideshow

    Hi, I am using a slideshow and want to basically have an 'image loading' whilst all the images load before the slideshow. Is there a way to do this? So far I have figured the best way around this is...
  9. Where to add line break in this javascript?


    I have this Javascript and I am wanting to create a line break between the tweet and the time it was posted, here is the javascript, I am guessing I need to insert the <BR> tag somewhere but...
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