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  1. Need help creating a search database in Wordpress, not sure where this thread goes

    I have a website that I would like to have a searchable database, I currently use Wordpress, I apologize if this in the wrong section, I didn't see a wordress section, anyway, I want it to be able to...
  2. Thread: need help

    by Jason_H

    need help

    I figured a bunch of stuff on how to get money value and profiles. Now I have an issue, when I want to output a URL that appears like this /player/2-First-Last.html I get nothing, but I can get...
  3. does having Wordpress installed interfere with .htaccess files for normal HTML?

    I have an .htaccess file, and installed Wordpress, but am having issues with the file. I can't get the rewrite to work again, I recently left GoDaddy for HostGator. And I need help with this. It...
  4. Complete newbie, need help with sorting using commas, decimals, and curreny value

    I am trying to build a database for my websitie, and want to make sortable tables with info in them, but have no idea where to start. I installed wordpress, but they seem to not help much. So I think...
  5. How to grant access from one database to another

    Forgive me if in wrong forum.

    I have a website In which I use vBulletin 3.7, and I want to convert the database over to SimpleMachinesForum 2.0. But when I try the convert.php and .sql file it...
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