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  1. Typing slider (cursor). Explanation of DOM manipulations.

    I need to cut the program to the final logic cut. It's now ~10 times smaller, although it's as far as I could get in my understanding now.

    Given two identical text strings. When you write in...
  2. Only your code works. I was also provided with...

    Only your code works.

    I was also provided with non-working code. They say "enough for browsers comtemporary (современных)"

    01 var request = new XMLHttpRequest,
    02 textNode =...
  3. No jQuery. Don't know it's ajax or ajax is apart...

    No jQuery. Don't know it's ajax or ajax is apart and require no inclusions of needless code.

    If ajax is what I write with no superfluous code insertions - so let it be. But no jQuery - I see how...
  4. Renew server time in pure JavaScript?

    Ayjax working version:
    <?php echo microtime();?>

    http://lanother.tk/msec.php :

    <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js"></script>
    function update(){
  5. Done.

    <input id="b"onblur="l()"></input><script>t=0;document.getElementById('b').onkeypress=function(){t==0?s=new Date():e=new Date();t=1}
  6. var timing = {s:...

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var timing = {s: null, e: null, t: null}; // start, end, textbox
    function typoInit() {
    var t = timing.t; }
    function typoStart() ...
  7. Help me to get aquainted with JavaScript through a program which counts typing speed.

    I'm 0 in html/js. Though! I've got interested into JavaScript by "How to truly understand the program that check typing speed". It's very interesting, I even cut out the larger program. Now it's...
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