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  1. How to save a file on an embedded server?

    I'm using a CCTV server that includes an embedded Linux OS and an embedded Apache webserver. I made a webpage that displays the video. What I'd like to do is make another webpage that will save a...
  2. Streaming JFIF ok in Firefox/Chrome, not IE

    I have a simple webpage that is to display images from a DVR. Here's the code:

    <IMG src="" width="320" height="240" border="1">...
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    Thank you for your reply, but I'm still having...

    Thank you for your reply, but I'm still having trouble. When I run this, I should always get an alert window, shouldn't I? That isn't happening. And if I try a line like

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    Need Javascript to read CGI output

    I have a server with a .CGI on it than can be invoked by putting something like:

    into the address bar of a browser. This displays a single...
  5. Out of memory

    Thank you for your reply. This runs for about 2 seconds, then I get an 'out of memory' error. Also, the counter remains at 0 until the error appears, then displays a number of about 2500.
  6. Counter only updates when script is complete

    I have a script that reads a file, massages it, writes an output file. It takes some time so I want a progress count of how many lines have been processed. But my counter only gets updated after the...
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