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    php solutution need to manage my clients

    Hi there, i just expecting a little help from any of you.
    i need to find a client management (PHP) software.
    i don't know things about that,
    i am doing a website about tourism over here, i am...
  2. No i think those sever software's are 100% PHP

    No i think those sever software's are 100% PHP
  3. thats not what i meant...

    thanx for your fast reply, but that's not what i meant by advertisement management software... thank you for that link, i visit that page, and i already have tested that OpenX AD server.. its too...
  4. Thanx mate ;)

    thanx mate, i really appreciate your post, but actually that's now i ask, i already have an Adsense account, in my city, some of my friends and other people are told me to put their advertisements on...
  5. how to manage clients whos has publish their ad's on my site?

    Hi there... i have a big problem...
    i own a website, and i am the designer + developer of it.
    now i started to Advertise on it...

    so, i want to find a good php server software for manage those...
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