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  1. AJAX Solved

    My first reaction was ah ... I've tried that.
    Apparently, I hadn't.

    Thanks Fang! You just made my world a lot brighter! I was getting ready to rewrite a whole bunch of code!
  2. AJAX [RESOLVED] Run Ajax routine from popup

    This code works fine in good browsers, but not in IE.

    Main page has a table with an Ajax update routine I use with several functions. The update routine simply pulls from the db and rewrites the...
  3. Popup Problem

    Sure - use a modal window - TinyBox, ShadowBox or jQuery window function.
  4. Humm - The above may not have completely...

    Humm - The above may not have completely addressed the point. When the back button is pressed, Rado wanted the entered information to show. This could easily be done by setting a determination...
  5. Although this is an old post, this information...

    Although this is an old post, this information may be helpful to someone with a similar problem.

    Here are a couple of test files for you., with a quick form and a process file. Whether you click...
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