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    JavaScript Function fail after text update

    I have this java script function which is supposed to increase the font size of a div on a parent window from a child window when the links are clicked.

    In the child page (popup) is a...
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    Toggle text transform from child page

    I have a parent page with a class called card.

    I have a child page with a button to flip text.

    How would I be able to make it so that when the button is flipped , it will add webkit transform...
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    [RESOLVED] Control parent page from child

    On my parent page I have a link :

    <li><a class="button icon-play play" href="#" onclick="return false;"></a></li>

    This link when clicked triggers some code in a file called script.js (which I...
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    [RESOLVED] Multistage form resets to start

    I'm working on a multistage form . The problem is that it wont get past the 3rd stage . If you click continue it resets back to the start.

    Here is a like to the page on my server -...
  5. [RESOLVED] Form Validation errors (Multiple Forms)

    I have two forms on one page. The first is a order form and the second is a contact form.

    The problem is with the second form. Every time you click the submit button for that form , a validation...
  6. [RESOLVED] Help with web form and calculating costs

    I have been updating a web payment form and have run into some trouble.

    The original form is here if you want to look at it - http://mk18.web44.net/#order

    I have updated it to make the advert...
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