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  1. I'm running PHP 5.2, and iterator was introduced...

    I'm running PHP 5.2, and iterator was introduced in 5.3. Won't work.
  2. I put this into my page, still only white where...

    I put this into my page, still only white where this code begins.

    This is the code from the last line to print to the footer:



  3. Yes:


    function GetImages($dir, array $extensions, $prefix = "")
    $images = array();
    $it = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($dir,...
  4. Okay, I'll plug that in. Thank you. Still,...

    Okay, I'll plug that in. Thank you.

    Still, why did the HTML stop when it hit the code - not even my footer?
  5. Getting White Screen

    So I plugged it in exactly as you sent it EXCEPT that I added the subdirectory that the WordPress install is in, so the directory and prefix paths are /trophy/wp-content/uploads.

    The result is...
  6. This is another version: $dir =...

    This is another version:

    $dir = '/trophy/wp-content/uploads';
    $scan = scandir($dir);
    for ($i=0; $i<count($scan); $i++)
    echo '<img src="'.$dir.'/'.$scan[$i].'">';
  7. The code

    $current_dir = 'domainname/trophy/wp-content/uploads/';
    echo $current_dir;
    $dir = opendir($current_dir);

    while ($file = readdir($dir))
    $parts = explode(".", $file); ...
  8. Anyone?

  9. Can't read images in from directory using PHP

    I've spent a day and a half attempting to read images from a folder and then printing them to a webpage. I have used code provided at a few different reputable websites. They have not worked.

  10. Using form select tag to perform calculations

    Okay. I am trying to create a form with 7 simple select options and an 8th dual select option. You can see it here: http://rowlandwillia.../seize/test.php

    The idea is that a user can choose any...
  11. thanks for the file! however, how do i get it to...

    thanks for the file! however, how do i get it to forward to a new page at the end of the animation.
  12. thank you - does it?

    does this also remove the layer at the end so that the layer behind the animation/slide show appears?

    i'm heading out now and VERY excited by this. thank you!

  13. yes!!!!

  14. sadly - i'm way too ignorant

    the deal is, i don't even know exactly what terms to search for. lost sounds like i'm being humble. frankly, the term lost is a compliment. not a fricking clue on my end.
  15. thank you so much for your help

    ok. there are 11 photos. i want them to fade each into the next and after the final photo fades out, the layer that this sequences occurs on (say z-index: 2) becomes hidden so layer (z-index: 1)...
  16. time critical - js animation that ends w hidden command

    i am in a very tight crunch. i need help. i was trying to use jquery for this and gave up.

    i need to have an animation automatically begin when the page loads, go through 11 screens, and then...
  17. Thanks for the input. When I go from the html...

    Thanks for the input. When I go from the html page (a page in Joomla) to the html/joomla page that holds the flash movie, I use a simple hyperlink with the page url plus "#" and then the label of...
  18. flash keeps playing after i leave web page

    I have run into a sticky problem in IE7.

    A visitor can click on one of four links on an HTML page. Each takes them to a correlating anchor position within a movie that is located on another page....
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