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  1. CSS animation for Sort not working as desired

    I am working on Demo of bubble sort and other as well using pure Javascript (not jquery) using buttons . I need to swap buttons from current position to the location reqired. I am successful in...
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    bubble sort demo

    I am working on a program to diplay the bubble sort step by step. I wanted to use setTimeout() but for that even my DOM functions are unresolved. However I am unable to figure it out. Can anybody...
  3. Thats cool!.. thanks :)

    Thats cool!.. thanks :)
  4. how do I convert a 1D array to 2D array in javascript?

    I hav an array m1=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9]
    I want to convert it to m1=[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
    what can be the simplest and fastest way to do so?
  5. limit the number of multiple text file uploads


    With this program I can successfully upload multiple files. But I wanted to limit the functionalty of the code just by permitting 7 file uploads. And only the files with...
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    multiple textfile parsing in javascript

    I have multiple textfiles . These multiple files will be uploaded on the browser .
    I would read each of the textfiles and store the data in multiple .js file(one js for each textfile) .
    So far I...
  7. how could I store multiple values returned by eval() ?

    I want to store the value of every variable ikj in

    where read[i] is " i=20" ,"j=30" , "k=i*j"

    and then display the value of k . And I am even successful though, but if...
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