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    well ok it kindda works...

    I have to press in the right padding and slide up and down. The answer time is slow and the arrows seem like they are totally useless..... i don't understand...
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    iframe scrolling headache


    I'ms trying to include, in a non-scrolling iframe, a link to a web site for which i need the scrolling, vertically only. The user gets on my index.html, and never leaves it, the reason why...
  3. yeah it works now...

    working on my page1.html which is all destroyed i don'T know why....

    figured the "name" thing while reading other posts.... i guess i'll mark this thread as 'solved'

    thank you for your reply
  4. here what the code looks like when i try to make it work...

    <td width="206" align="left" valign="top"><a href="page1.html" target="frm1" onClick="MM_nbGroup('down','group1','Accueiln','Images/enfonce/accueil_e.png',0)"...
  5. forgot to specify...

    i would like 'page1.html' to load in my iframe as default.
  6. [RESOLVED] Trying to link buttons to iframe


    I made this button menu bar in my index.html. There is one iframe that takes half the page. I worked with <table> not <div> (i don't understand <div> yet)

    My button are not animated yet...
  7. this is how i created my table for the two iframes

    so i got one index.html with all the information for the whole page.
    I got left_index.html that contains the info for the web page that goes in the left iframe(css)
    i got right_index.html that...
  8. Here's the code for the right iframe. My buttons...

    Here's the code for the right iframe. My buttons are "home" "galleries" "services" "about us" and "contact".
    I created the css for the main frame in one of the 5 web pages I designed for the five...
  9. Need help for multi content in iframe


    I'M working on a web page. My main index got a fix menu bar (title bar + menu (buttons with over effects, etc).

    I used table to place my content so it would have one big banner with...
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