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  1. I solved it, for anyone interested, all I had to...

    I solved it, for anyone interested, all I had to do was store any value on the database when the checkbox was checked, you know like 1, or on, and the in the form make a if statement for when the...
  2. How do you store state of checkbox in a phpmyadmin database

    Whether checked or unchecked. What I have so far is like this:

    in the php site where user inputs I have this <input type="checkbox" name="check" id="check" >
    and the php to post the state...
  3. Is there any web code for making the input box dissappear when submit

    I mean like, instead of using php to send the input and all that stuff, just have the box disappear and just leave the text that was input, idk like maybe make the box invisible when you click submit
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    Help with php and html

    Unfortunately I don't have the code with me right now, but what whatever you can do to answer will be greatly appreciated. So I have a form in which I have the user input some information, on this...
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    Actually is just the word document that the...

    Actually is just the word document that the javascript doesn't show, but it does work on browser
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    Javascript not working on php, please help

    So my code, opens word file with the web information but for some reason the javascript code is not working, it is suppose to show the day and the top of the page.

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