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    Oh wow I didn't expect anyone to just give code...

    Oh wow I didn't expect anyone to just give code for it. Thank you I'll give it a shot.
    And to Kor, you're right I just meant that it needed to have either the / or - symbols in the date for...
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    Name and Date Validation?

    Hi, I was wonder if any JavaScript pros could point me in the right direction here.
    I don't know much about scripting yet but I'm trying to find 2 small validation programs, or figure out how to...
  3. Well Thanks

    I managed to get something down for these with your help crh3675. But your comment at the end made me think. I mean if what we're "learning" isn't even right, then why bother with it?

  4. Can anybody help me answer some of these questions?

    So I'm taking my first JavaScript class in school and the semester is very close to being over.
    I have a lot of work to catch up on and my teacher isn't the best professor.

    Right now I have 6...
  5. Can anybody see the error(s) in this code?

    I have to make a page that will display a picture (in this case a traffic light), with a start and stop button underneath. When you click the start button, the program is supposed to loop displayed...
  6. Thank You!

    Ohh ok I see your changes. I'm going to have to really look at it to try and understand what did what but thank you for the help.

    It's sad that I managed to get almost that whole page up and...
  7. Can't figure out how to make these (supposedly) small and simple programs

    I'm brand new at making JavaScript programs. I'm taking my first class and am already far behind because our teacher is absolutely HORRIBLE and doesn't teach us anything. I have about 6 programs I...
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