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  1. :)

    hi kor, true, i spend so much time in the office looking after all the computers im freekin tired and i dont know what im saying, i realise java and javascript are too different languages so i...
  2. Help me with my java code. (desperate) lol.

    this is the website:


    Everything else that is java is working fine on the website, but the checkbox that asks if i...
  3. hmmmmmm

    i updated the code..

    the link is now: http://qodeplay.com/opencart_v1.5.1.1/upload/index.php?route=account/register

    navigate to global account number, if it says no, the global account...
  4. please look at my code, something is wrong and its staring at me right in the face.

    please go onto http://qodeplay.com/javascript

    this is what im trying to achieve and as you can see it doesnt work.
    im doing this for a school assignment.

    and the code:
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