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  1. Need help with Real Estate Property searching on website

    I can create html pages and most graphics and other elements that go into that.... BUT I have a real estate agent looking to create a website and he wants the ability to do property searches...and...
  2. Is there a Visual Design software for CSS ?

    I have been using DWeaver for creating site designs and havent had a whole lot of trouble with using AP layers, but it seems more and more other designers say CSS is the ONLY way to design these days...
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    Help finding Menu Maker Software

    I am trying to find good menu making softwares, higher-end ones that I cam buy. I have seen hundreds of simple ones, and free ones, and just not quality enough for me. I am playing with the demos...
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    Which design software?

    I am a professional photographer who owns Dreamweaver CS3 and design my own site and a couple others, but am looking to make more flash oriented sites (my own included) but dont want to get Flash and...
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    Edit XCart Skins ?

    I am looking to purchase XCart and want to know if there is hlep here to edit the skins, which use CSS, php, I think. I have Dreamweaver, but I dont think I can use that to change the backgrounds,...
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    That must have been it, cause its working now. ...

    That must have been it, cause its working now. Great !! Thanks for checking on me.

    I was just curious now if the menu rectangles could have rounded corners AND if I could get the menu to load...
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    Uhhh, I dont know why, but in DWeaver, the added...

    Uhhh, I dont know why, but in DWeaver, the added line in the flash code fixes the display when I preview the page (on the computer here) but when I uploaded the new html page (with new line added)...
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    Fang !!! You are the man !!! Thats exactly what...

    Fang !!! You are the man !!! Thats exactly what I needed. I added the <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> to the flash object code and that did it. Cool.

    Now, happen to know how to round...
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    Keep menu on top?

    I just found a menu script that I want to use on my site, and have it working, but the flyouts are going UNDER other objects (like a flash object). Is there a way to keep the menu and its flyouts to...
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    DW CS3 kinda screwy...

    I was using DW4 for years and finally upgraded to DWCS3 but I am not liking DWCS3 much at all. It doesn't show things correctly when I changed them, like I can select text and in the properties box...
  11. Problem printing w/IE6 and Outlook Exp

    I cant seem to print from either IE6 nor Outlook Express now. I send to the printer, but it says runtime errors, line 1343, unspecified error. I have tried reinstalling IE6 and updating the IE...
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