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  1. app.igaro.com - high-end OO Javascript framework for Web SPA & Mobile

    Hi all,

    After a few month I'm nearing the release of Igaro App. The website is up (running Igaro App), just the module documentation to go. Anyone that wants to see something special, or who wants...
  2. JSON Conversion & My HTML through AJAX Problem

    I'm converting a lot of code I'm produced over the last couple years to JSON compatible. I was using AJAX but not using the onCompletion function. Instead the server would return the javascript...
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    Thanks the first post sorted it. I knew it was...

    Thanks the first post sorted it. I knew it was something silly like that. Now I understand closures a bit :)

    Here's another problem. If I have a function/class like the one below, this refers to...
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    JS Closure, Object, Onclick, This...

    I'm having a spot of bother working this one out. I'm dynamically setting an onclick event and know that I can't use "this" inside it as it refers to the HTML control not the Javascript.

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