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    Table with Show/Hide on Two Levels

    I want to have both "top level" and subcategory headings collapsed by default. Check out this example: http://www.shaunwo.com/code/expandable-table.html

    When you expand the Location heading, I...
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    Step through XML file, one more level

    I thought I was pretty proficient with DOM, but I'm stuck on this one.

    I've done some searches for how to build an HTML table from an XML file, and I found some script that kinda works. I've made...
  3. [RESOLVED] printing the background color on an input box

    Working on this for a client and it's just not working on any browser from my Windows computer. Our client is also on Windows. It DOES work for me, on my Mac in Firefox, but not in chrome. I'm trying...
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    Oh my gosh... how embarrassing! How did I not see...

    Oh my gosh... how embarrassing! How did I not see that???

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    [RESOLVED] mysterious JS error

    someone else in our office looked at this w/ me, and we're both at a complete loss on this one...


    As soon as it loads w/ the Error Console on in FF, it...
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    No offense taken... I can see how/why you would...

    No offense taken... I can see how/why you would ask that based on the information provided. But yes - I have added that in the CSS. For you, and anyone else who may be looking at this post, here's...
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    WebFX Tab Panes - PRINT

    Sadly, it appears the 'forum' on their site is just for show and doesn't actually work. Nice!

    Anyone else out there used these 'tab panes': http://webfx.eae.net/

    I've used them on a handful of...
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    display: block - not working in IE

    I've done a few Google searches, and can't seem to find a solution. I'm sure someone else out there has run to this very same issue though. We've built a site where we have defined a couple a tags'...
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    global .htaccess redirect

    This is driving me CRAZY!!!

    I've been searching through these forums and on Google, and I'm sure this will make someone laugh w/ how simple it is, but I can't figure it out.

    We have a client...
  10. That did the trick. Thanks!!!

    That did the trick. Thanks!!!
  11. [RESOLVED] problem w/ suckerfish / jquery dropdown menu in IE7

    Anyone out there have some more experience w/ these menus than I do?

    I followed the instructions, and can't for the life of me figure out why this is working just fine in Firefox, Safari and IE6...
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    The button is at the bottom of the form, but it...

    The button is at the bottom of the form, but it appears that some images and some content is still loading on the page when it completes the HTML render of the rest of the page... including the...
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    complete page load before submit

    I think I would do this w/ JavaScript...

    One of our client's admin forms is very long and they've clicked on the submit button before the page completed loading and wiped out some of their data....
  14. ajax-driven dropdowns not working in IE

    I'm kind of at my wit's end w/ this problem and don't know where else to turn. Our client uses IE and while we could just require him to use Firefox for this internal application we're working on,...
  15. What's the quickest, easiest way to just delete...

    What's the quickest, easiest way to just delete the tbody tag from the table? That's probably the best solution for my application.
  16. [RESOLVED] DOM delete table row problem

    This is driving me crazy... trying to find a script that will delete table rows in BOTH IE and FF, and what I came up w/ yesterday is close but still not working yet. Here's a link to the test page I...
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    sequence of hexidecimal codes

    This is just a stab in the dark... doe anyone know where I could find the logic behind the hexidecimal codes? I'm trying to put 512 different color blocks on the screen, and would like to have it go...
  18. Uh... not sure what I'm supposed to see at that...

    Uh... not sure what I'm supposed to see at that page, but wouldn't I have to modify this bit of code somehow?

    for(x=0; x<len; ++x) {
    opt[opt.length] = new Option(ary[x][0], ary[x][1], false,...
  19. This works GREAT! One more thing though... can I...

    This works GREAT! One more thing though... can I get it to 'select' the appropriate city tag? I'm trying to get just this one portion to work before I integrate it w/ the rest of the form, and I'd...
  20. clearing form elements / variables w/ JavaScript

    Hi, I found this great piece of JavaScript that works well for me, w/ one small hitch. This JavaScript creates two array for a selection box, a drop-down of cities in my case. However, one of my...
  21. validating / testing e-mail address

    I found a few things on various sites and combined them into one function that kinda works for me. I want a function that will check an e-mail address in the following ways:

    1) Check that it's in...
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    Sorry... let me trim this down to just ONE field...

    Sorry... let me trim this down to just ONE field example.

    On my old form, I had both dropdowns w/in the same form, like this:

    <select name="bllto_country" class="formTags">
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    copying form fields

    I'm working on a step-by-step application here, and passing the values from one step to the next in hidden form fields. So on Step Three for example, I have some hidden form fields like this:

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    javascript prob

    We have used a JavaScript function for one of our client's sites which will show an image and other information in a small "pop-up" window on the screen, on mouseover. The function is FAR too many...
  25. [RESOLVED] passing value back from a confirmation on an alert box

    Here's my code:

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    function alertBox () {
    if(confirm("Are you SURE that you want to clear the CV2 value?\n\nIt will be...
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