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  1. Pop-up option depending on the word type in edit box


    Currently, I created a drop-down box with a list of options. However, there are over 600 of options and it will be hard for users to scroll for the options.

    I need to allow users if they...
  2. Hi, I have created a triple dependent...


    I have created a triple dependent drop-downlist, however I have a problem if I click on the "Add" button function, there will be 2 errors.
    1. the onchange effect doesn't seems working.
  3. Hi, I have managed to get the dependent...


    I have managed to get the dependent drop-down list for my default 1st row. However, I have a "Add" button which user click will show another row. I have a problem as when user click the "Add"...
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Acutally, I don't...


    Thanks for the reply. Acutally, I don't quite understand the coding but I tried to come out with the following codes. However, can anyone kindly advice how can I simplify it?

    Currently, if...
  5. How to select a column value based on another column value?


    I need to create a form with 2 columns (A & B), and when user select a value from the dropdown list in column A, all the values in column B that are related to Column A selection will show.
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