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  1. Font Style Issue - Header tags not showing up correctly

    I have a wordpress web site and the font style thru the theme settings is set to League Gothic, but I can only get it to show up correctly on one page but not the others.

    I've been searching up...
  2. jQuery Help Needed - Javascript not proccessing ccgallery plugin - Wordpress

    I have had this issue for a while now. My theme for WordPress is not processing my java-script correctly with my CCGallery WordPress plugin.

    I have been trying to get this plugin up and working...
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    Navigation Issue - Sub Menu Goes away

    Hi all,

    I cannot seem to find the problem with my navigation issue on the web site.

    When I mouse over the first submenu link, the submenu just goes away.


    Please help
  4. PHP for wordpress - Need help incorperating estro slider into my header.php

    Hi all, and I apologize for sounding like a php noob, but I normally do front end design.

    I need this script, which calls my new banner slider into my header.php file where the adsense ad shows...
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    Home Page Layout Issue in WordPress

    I have an issue with my WordPress homepage, it works fine in every browser but IE 6-8, I solved the problem with all pages except the home, this seems to be a layout issue but I cannot seem to find...
  6. oh also it seems that the green background from...

    oh also it seems that the green background from the footer section of the sidebar widget is what is stretching up to cover the content area if that helps at all.
  7. Having Compatibility Issues Reguarding WordPress and IE 6-8

    Having Compatibility Issues Reguarding WordPress and IE 6-8

    I have finally fixed the issue on every page except the home page, the content below in this particular theme is populated by widgets...
  8. Word Press IE issue

    I have a client that has a couple customers getting this issue with his WordPress site,

    Stop running this script?
    A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly. If it continues...
  9. Thank you for your help, worked like a charm. I...

    Thank you for your help, worked like a charm. I didn't notice that about the logo because I didn't realize it was even effecting the banner. Saved me a bunch of time trying to figure this out. Your...
  10. Issues with Safari and Chrome with my NIVO html5 banner

    I have just switched to using HTML5 and started with a template, after I hosted it the nivo banner has been nothing but problems. The site works fine in firefox and internet explorer, but the banner...
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