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  1. still digging

    I found this article which mentions the use of innerHTML rewriting the content of the div it was adding to, hence wiping previous values.

    Unfortunately it does not say why this is the case, I'm...
  2. information update

    I have been playing around with javascript and have found that if the select boxes are created and added solely in javascript without the ajax call then the values are not defaulted, i have updated...
  3. its online now at http://youan.host56.com/...

    its online now at http://youan.host56.com/ attached is a copy of the file as it appears, the first select box changes the number of selects to the right of it
  4. yes they are

    yes they are
  5. this is the function to append a new drop down to...

    this is the function to append a new drop down to the required container called with append = true

    function ajax_content(obj, url, params, append)
    if(typeof(obj != 'object'))
  6. drop down boxes return to default when adding more content with innerHTML


    I am adding drop down boxes to a div using javascript on a user action, if these boxes are assigned a value by the user then the user adds more boxes the values previously selected are cleared....
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