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  1. Noob trying to write wordpress shortcode, help appreciated

    :confused:Hello - hope this is the right place to come.
    I'm trying to write a shortcode for Wordpress that compares two values, and if they match, generates content. If they don't match, no content...
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    Superfish + sprites + IE7: can anyone help!

    This is driving me batty - just can't find a way to fix my superfish menu to work with IE…

    The issue is to do with my requirement for a fixed height for the navigation, necessary for the css...
  3. Oops… I am making this much more confusing. What...

    Oops… I am making this much more confusing. What I'd meant to say, is that prior to going on my hols three weeks ago (when I'd uploaded the website), I'd not noticed any issues with FF - but on...
  4. Thanks for checking Frank62. I've not noticed a...

    Thanks for checking Frank62. I've not noticed a problem on FF - but have very recently updated to FF6 - I wonder if this is anything to do with it.

    The site is on the server - so wysiwyg… not...
  5. Firefox oddness!! Change to serif on link click

    Here's my website: http://www.flinthill.org.uk/
    Click on the navigation links and the font changes from the styled font to an unprescribed serif. Dunno if this is a css issue at all - but it's very...
  6. CMS for: searchable content DB, blogs, member profiles

    I'm a web designer with minor development skills, and I wish to find the right development strategy for a website, and then hook up with the right developer. I'd be interested to see which CMS webdev...
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    Social networks for children… thoughts?

    I'm interested to see what views/ advice there is on creating a social network for children. Ning would be ideal - but not meant for below age 16.

    Basically, I'd like to set up a network to go...
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    Hmm - thanks Kor I am wondering if this is a...

    Hmm - thanks Kor
    I am wondering if this is a strange effect produced because I am using Parallels on a Mac to load IE7… I'm hoping so as I've been scratching my head over this one. Apologies to all...
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    IE7 and my floated link list issue…

    Here's the page I'm working on for you to view:

    I just can't figure out why IE7 won't display the list (ul.lineup) of images and captions in...
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    Fair enough!

    Guessing this might be the simplest, non-hacking solution…

    I made the images long to cater for longer titles. The maximum length h2 image just cuts in before the drop-down - I'll make it the...
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    Stacking order issue

    I have a problem with Internet Explorer 6 + 7 and stacking order which I can't seem to remedy. Works fine in Safari, Firefox, IE8

    The issue is the navigation drop-downs in div#header that are...
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    Convert html to php OR Make Apache parse .html as .php?

    Thanks, all
    And now… which would be the best method, in your opinions?

    I have two options:
    1/ Convert html to php
    My main concern is that this will scupper Pagerank (how big a deal is this? -...
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    Make Apache parse .html as .php

    Make Apache parse .html as .php - is there a drawback to this?

    Is this what I would add to .htacess?

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html
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    Losing Pagerank…

    …how much of a disaster to the client is this? A matter of 2-4wks?

    Donatello - Much appreciate yr swift reply - I'm guessing I'm on the right track, anyway. I've heard some people use .htacess to...
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    Convert html website to php

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to rewrites, I don't know enough about the code, and am frankly terrified of doing the wrong thing in converting my .html web pages to .php. (BTW, the reason for...
  16. so i need to get to a PC...

    I'm on a mac and went out to test IE on a PC at my local library - then discovered the blocking. I'm guessing the only route to microsoft's heart is to go via windows parental controls on my...
  17. Thanks Fang

    Not being very used to the lovely Microsoft - how do developers get in contact at this level?
  18. Windows Parental Controls blocking my innocent website - why?

    :confused: I'm trying to find out what causes windows parental controls to block my extremely innocent website for a kids' book - is there some content I'm not aware of? Use of cookies?
  19. Pointers on creating site featuring + fed by selected public blogs

    Any pointers for this would be HUGELY welcome…

    I want to create a blog platform that aggregates a ring of creative writers' blogs. The blogs must be different actual blogs - not simply an...
  20. to say thanks

    to fang for your help - I'm attempting to put into practice when i get a gap in current projects (this is one I'm leading up to).
  21. forgot to say…

    the php include is simply this:

    <div id="display">
    <div id="div1"></div>
  22. Help! How to make image swap appear on another page

    I'm trying to work out - with simple javascript, a bit of css and a php include - how to make a game work. I'm afraid the js part is a serious weakness - I'm no coder, and I wonder if anyone can help...
  23. JS help with onClick-load images for a sleuth game

    Dear javascripters, I could do with some expert help and would really appreciate it if someone could give me a pointer on the code I need for my game.

    I'm designing a children's website, and want...
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    Looking for a simple guestbook solution

    I'm looking for the simplest no-nonsense guest book and wonder if there are any I can place within a page on my website without huge amounts of faffing on (I'd much prefer the guestbook to remain...
  25. Thanks - yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I...

    Thanks - yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I was after
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