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    Looking for a partner ASAP

    Hi guys, I am looking for a partner/partners to build my website loadafile.com

    Now i have been receiving many emails over the last year, from many people interested in purchasing it from me. I do...
  2. Web designer needed!!! Business Partnership

    I am looking for somone that can develop a scribd..com or docstoc..com type script. The website is loadafile..com. I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the site and I think I...
  3. The idea for the drop box type idea has been...

    The idea for the drop box type idea has been droppd. If anyone is still interested in becoming partners with the site please reply.

    Share will be 25% of all revenue to the partner/developer. I am...
  4. Looking for a partner that knows php,html etc...

    current project...loadafile.com

    I am trying to create a website that has all the functionality that drop box has.

    What I need is a client that creates a folder and backs up the data to...
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