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Thread: To check range of data

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    To check range of data

    Hi Guys,
    Need your help on this problem.
    Let say table name call tbl_range and 2 field call No1 and No2
    I have this set of record :-
    No1 No2
    1000 2000
    2001 3000
    5000 6000

    My problem, i want to check if user insert another set no No1 : 1500 No2 : 2500. So, this means that range already clash with another range. If this happened it will return 2 record (1000 - 2000) and (2001 - 3000). Can it be done and how?


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    you would have to do a join on the two tables where you compare that each No1, No2 fall inside of an existing No1, No2 that is not themselves.
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    Thx chazzy
    Anyway, I already solve the problem using between. Here my code

    Select No1, No2
    From table
    Where (#varNo1# between NO1 and NO2)

    Then in RecordCount eq 0, I proceed to insert the new record.

    Really thx for your reply. Thx chazzy


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