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Thread: Restore Database

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    Restore Database

    Hi all

    for a reason or another my server was down and the harddisk was corrupted.. but i could managed to take the .mdf and .ldf files of the database... i have recently installed a new sql 2000 server and created a new database with same name of the previous database... then i tried to replace the new mdf and ldf files with the recovered files.. but it seems that the database is not working... anybody has an idea how to recover this database files.. since the database file is almost 20 GB size...
    please help

    thanx in advance....

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    What about the old log files. Do you have them?

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    Restoring a database is not a simple copy and paste of files. You need to actually run the restore from your last backup.

    You did do daily backups, right?

    (note: i have no clue what an mdf or ldf is, but i'm assuming its metadata and logical data files)
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