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    I am redesigning a public school site (www.ccboe.com ) and am looking for advice on how I should go about the planning stages. We are redesigning the look and structure of the entire site.

    When I was hired for this position I was given this site to maintain, but I did not design it and I find it difficult to work with, especially when updating. I want our new site to be much cleaner, more professional looking and I would like to use more current technology. I am plowing through my Styling with CSS book and have decided to use a lot of CSS, but what else should I be looking at?

    We have a lot of old database software (Filemaker 4.0!!!) and basically things just are not working right now. What database software should I be looking at? Keep in mind, we're a public school system. So when I say we have no money, we really have no money.

    I am the only person on the website and I do not work with IT on a daily basis (I'm in the communications office). I'm just looking for some advice, techniques, good practices before I tackle this project. I am a very good designer, but being the only person in this position also requires me to think a lot about the server side of the web which I am not that good at.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes, you should definitely use CSS.

    What kind of server are you using?

    I recommend using PHP and MySQL if you can get it installed on your server (if it's not already installed). Both are free.

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    Good Luck

    I agree with Kravvitz on the database choice. Also CSS from everything I hear.

    A suggestion: Develop a good menu system so that users can navigate the site easily.

    Good Luck

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    Since you're running on a Windows stack, including IIS/6 and ASP.NET I'd recommend you look into SQL Server Express assuming you have light database needs. I don't know off hand what its limits are but they should be fine for a single school. Note, this isn't what I'd normally use but it's a "go with the flow" recommendation as your IT guys will probably resist the other free alternatives.

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