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Thread: from frontpage to dreamweaver

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    Question from frontpage to dreamweaver

    ey guys, i am a new user/member of this forum. i may sound dumb but please bear with me. i recently enrolled in a web studio program which lasted for only 45hours, a short term course which includes only adobe photoshop, macromedia flash and macromedia dreamweaver. i really wanted to learn how to design a website. my problem is im not that familiar with HTML/JavaScript. how can i edit a client's website using dreamweaver when it was created from MS Frontpage?

    Thanks much!

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    Besides a few metatags, most of the coding will be the same, unless the client has used special Front Page themes - which Dreamweaver will not recognize.

    Best way to learn about coding, rather than having the program (whether FrontPage or Dreamweaver) do the thinking for you. That way, you can manipulate all of your elements in code view (or even my favorite, Notepad!) without software intervention. Visit http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp for a good introduction to html tags.


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