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    Site / End User Tracking


    My web hosting service (Hostway) gives me a periodic host report, whereby various numerical URL's are listed as visiting my site & requesting data. The numbers are all 9 & 10 digit sequences, looking like: [example: 77.999.01.25.]

    How can I use these numbers to in turn visit the sites who visited me (or find out who visited me in general...be it an end user with a browser or otherwise)?

    Can I simply plug them in to my browser's Address bar (which I tried with no success)...or is there a way to cross-reference them? How is this done?



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    those would be the ip addresses of the visitors.
    What kind of the information are you looking to get?

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    Those are reports of the content of the access log for your server. The easiest thing for you but hardest on the server would be to ask Hostway to set the server to resolve names during its logging. Even then the result will be meaningless for most of your visitors because it will be a dynamically assigned string from some big ISP's DHCP system. E.g. my current IP address and "host name" look like so.
    Server:  dnsr1.sbcglobal.net
    Name:    adsl-68-93-120-148.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net
    How much good does knowing adsl-68-93-120-148.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net visited your site do you? Now, knowing that my wife is on a different system visiting your site but it shows up just the same as mine because that "host name" is assigned to our router. How useful is that to you now?

    I'm just point out that you probably need to think of some things other than individual sources to measure what's happening with your site.
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    My site's a music site; & I thought it might permit me to do a target demographic...or even recontact folks (via e-mail) who visited to ask for input on the music & maybe do a light duty sales pitch.

    I was just curious as to that type of thing...that's all.

    Thanks again,


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    Try http://arin.net - I think they will allow you to look up the ip address and tell you where it's coming from -- at least they used to, but I haven't used them in a while.
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