I'm pretty much a straight-up HTML, Javascript, CSS all by hand (in BBEdit) kind of web designer.

I run a band's website: God Johnson And want to integrate a forum into the site.

I decided to use Phorum5 because I found an example of someone else doing exactly what I want to do with it (great reason, eh?). An example of which can be found here. You'll have to click the FORUM link on account of iFrames.

You can find the beginnings of my Phorum5 work here. But I'm stuck at this point. I need some help customizing the look of it. I won't be putting it into my iFrame like Fatmawrooney's site, because I want people to be able to bookmark it specifically (and because my frame is too damn small!).

So, if anyone could point me in a good direction, give some advice, link to some useful literature - it'd truely appreciate it!!!