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Thread: Multiple table search - with incomplete data?

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    Multiple table search - with incomplete data?

    I am endeavouring to search across multiple tables in order to compile a search result listing. However some of the table I want to include in the search don't always contain data for a given product, as it is non-applicable.

    My problem is once I have connected the tables:

    tb_product.int_product_id = tb_contact.int_product_id

    if the product in question does not have a contact record, it is left out of the listing as it is considered to be an in complete record.

    Is there a way to link tables and include all matching products, with or without contact records, or do I need to go back to using multiple queries to complete the listing?



    [int_product_id] [var_product_name]
    1 product_1
    2 product_2

    [int_conatact_id] [int_product_id] [var_contact_name]
    1 2 BOB

    Cheers, B.

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    As a quick addendum I just found this on Mysql site in the Reference Manual:

    Quote Originally Posted by MYSQL Reference Manual
    If there is no matching row for the right table in the ON or USING part in a LEFT JOIN, a row with all columns set to NULL is used for the right table. You can use this fact to find rows in a table that have no counterpart in another table:

    SELECT table1.* FROM table1
    LEFT JOIN table2 ON table1.id=table2.id
    WHERE table2.id IS NULL;

    However it is still not returning records which are not in 'table2'?

    The Query as it stands:
    SELECT p.int_product_id, cam.blo_flag, com.var_company_name
    FROM tb_product p, tb_country_arete_market cam, tb_companies com 
    LEFT JOIN tb_product_code_ISIN pci ON p.int_product_id = pci.int_product_id 
    WHERE cam.int_country_arete_market_id = p.int_country_arete_market_id
    AND p.int_product_id = pci.int_product_id
    AND com.int_company_pid = p.int_company_id
    AND p.enu_approved = 'yes'
    AND p.enu_live = 'yes'
    AND (
        pci.var_code_ISIN = '%search_term%'
        OR p.var_product_name LIKE '%search_term%'
        OR p.blo_brief_description LIKE '%search_term%'
    GROUP BY p.int_product_id
    ORDER BY p.dat_initial_strike DESC
    LIMIT 0 , 30

    Am i missing something here ?
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    Well twist my nipple nuts and send me to alaska, the answer was simply a matter of removing the line:

    AND p.int_product_id = pci.int_product_id

    once I had added the JOIN, well hope my foolishness might help someone else, but otherwise you can consider this thread closed.

    Unless of course anyone want's to make any comments in regard to improving this query in any way.

    Thanks again, B.

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