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Thread: Windows XP Pro necessary for my situation?

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    Windows XP Pro necessary for my situation?

    Here's my explanation and question. I've been doing basic HTML for several years now which can only do so much for starters. I'm ready to take my experience further.

    I've been looking at PHP, ColdFusion and some basic scripting. Now for my question. Would I have to buy (not sure about required) a new computer with Win XP Pro loaded on it for testing of the code locally and also the advantage of having a built in server?

    I currently run Win ME. Do these two systems not get along together well? I don't mind making up the code locally and then upload my files to my ISP server. I just have to bring up my website to test run the code. Plus my ISP supports and already has all the necessary PHP source files on their server, but not ColdFusion the way it looks now.


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    Hey Hammers -

    From my experience you don't need XP pro but you need XP. I don't know much about ME though. Are you running your code on Windows machines? You may be better of getting a new machine and scrapping the one you have to use as a server. Or, check out eBay - you can get some really great deals on parts that you can patch together to make a decent server.
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    XP pro comes preloaded with IIS server,
    though for free you can download XAMPP which will allow you to run PHP/Databases locally; as it comes bundled with Apache, PHP, MySQL and whole lot more. It should run on any win32 system, or better yet a Linux system (Which can also be free)

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