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Thread: [RESOLVED] Condense a Recordet?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Condense a Recordet?

    I have a problem that I'm sure is simple to solve but I can't seem to find the answer....

    I have a table that contains the following data:

    column1 column2 column3
    100 5.75 3
    100 5.75 1
    100 5.75 5
    130 3.00 1
    130 3.00 4

    What I need is to sum column3 based on column1 and I want it to return to rows

    column1 column2 column3
    100 5.75 9
    130 3.00 5

    As I write this I am thinking some sort of Select Distinct and Sum(column3) something along those lines...

    Any help appreciated.


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    Alright I found answer within a few minutes of posting this... Sorry for the inconvience.

    SELECT column1, column2, SUM(column3) AS quantity FROM #tempcalc WHERE proid=@user GROUP BY column1, column2

    For any future use. I hate finding post like this that someone didn't supply their answer to the problem. Thanks

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