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Thread: Need to be able to add lots of script and code to a web site.

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    Need to be able to add lots of script and code to a web site.

    Hey there Webdeveloper.com please don't close this thread again, and read a bit more before you close. This has nothing to do with jobs or work. I am only trying to build a website. Thank you very much.

    Heya everyone. I had a bad year and in the middle of trying to develop a web site. Problem is I need my web pages to support a lot of code and script and the dollars are tight. I've looked online and am surprised at the lack of good website builders when I put it into a google worldwide search.

    Any suggestions on good freebees or lower priced from 0-150 dollars, please throw them all at me right here. I'll look through them all.

    I also need to know if there are any other popular web developement forums with decent traffic where I can ask this same question.

    These are some of the code and script I will need the web site builders to support. HTML, JavaScript, PHP, FTP, Perl 5.8.5, Cgi, SLQ, Micromedia flash, java (different than javascript).

    Thanks a lot for the help and please keep em coming! Butch

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    Some open-source stuff you might want to look into:

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    Or maybe you can tailor rather than write from scratch.


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    I think you need html kit Butch. Ri

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    Along with NVU! R.

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