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Thread: image posi in a table

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    image posi in a table

    Hi guys.

    I'm using a table to layout my webpage and have images in some cells. I can get them to center in the cell ie, <center> but is there a way to specify another locating, for eg, top of the cell or even 10px from top of cell?

    Also, if there is a better way that i could be going about this rather than tables, please feel free to advise. I want a banner across the top, a column with buttons in it on the left and a wider column with page content next to it. Banner and left column to be common to all pages. Sorry, I'm very new to all this.


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    Yes, tables were the old way to layout a website, you should use CSS now, and just use tables for tabular data. I've moved this thread to the CSS forum so you should get better replies.

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    And if we had a link we could comment.
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    Haven't got it up yet, just in design stage so no link, sorry. I'll do a bit of CSS study. Thanks for the tips guys.

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