This shouldnt be this difficult or painful, but obviously I'm overlooking something stupid.

I've got three frames. The top frame is for the fancy images, the middle frame has the text and content. In the bottom frame is a print button/icon and when thats pressed I want to print whats in the middle/content frame.

So when my print button generates an onClick event I call this code:

function printAnswer() {
contentFrame = window.parent.frames['answerContent'];

It looks like its going to work just fine. The Alert tells me that the focus is where I want it to be. Next, the print dialogue box comes up just fine. I press "print" without changing any of defaults in the print dialogue box.

Then I get this error message:

"A runtime error has occured do you wish to debug?
Line: 1173
Error: unspecified error"

So I get into debug (I'm using Win/XP) and debug points me to the line with the error, which happens to be in -->

... and the code in question seems to be:

if (Printer.startDoc(this._aaRect[1][0].contentDocument.URL))

Anyone got any ideas???