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Thread: Just for fun: Bad code still loads

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    Just for fun: Bad code still loads

    Just for the fun of it I made a page using as much bad/missing/deprecated code as possible to see how far a browser (tested in FF and IE) can be pushed and still render the page as intended (and also serve as a 'what not to do' example). Yes, I am including IE in the 'browser' category, but only grudgingly.

    Amazing what will actually load up even considering IE quirks mode. Can anyone tell me why this works?

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    I get some 27 'warnings'

    'Warnings' are not the same as 'errors'. And in the absence of a valid !doctype statement, all broswers (incl. Fx) will attempt to render in a 'quirks' mode. And I have seen pages with FAR more wrong in it than this one... some pages I've seen have HUNDREDS of 'warnings' and DOZENS of actual bona~fide errors...

    Put in a valid !doctype statement and see if this still the case with your test page...
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    You could even use a transitional doctype, and most (all?) of those deprecated elements would still be valid.
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